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Gemstones And Crystals – Your Spiritual Allies

don-t-ignore-your-birthstone-s-healing-powersIt has become a fashion to wear gemstones and crystals as ornaments. They are seen as symbols of status, fashion and beauty. There are people who also wear them to add mystery and to show off their symbolism and spirituality. However, crystals and gemstones and metals like silver, gold and platinum are your spiritual companions and they help in balancing the energy and aura surrounding your body.

You would have come across the traditional tale regarding diamonds. It is said that one mustn’t buy diamonds for oneself. That is why they are the popular choice for engagement rings. Diamonds are considered as a protective stone and guard the wearer against adversities and bestow happiness, luck and prosperity on the wearer. However, when you choose a diamond for yourself, you open the gates to bad luck and negativity. Similarly, other semi-precious stones like rubies, emerald, cobalt and so on must be chosen with great care.

crystal-healingA great way to begin using crystals is by starting to wear your specific birthstone. For each zodiac sign, there is a particular gemstone. This gemstone is aligned with the stars of the wearer and hence wearing your gemstone is an easy and sure way to cause your spirit to be balanced and elevated to a higher plane. Your birthstone protects you from adverse effects and blesses you with the positive vibrations of your horoscope.

Here we give you the list of birthstones for each sun sign. Look at the chart below to pick the right birthstone corresponding to your sun sign.

Aries – Diamond
Taurus – Emerald
Gemini – Pearl
Cancer – Ruby
Leo – Peridot
Virgo – Sapphire
Libra – Opal
Scorpio – Topaz
Sagittarius – Turquoise
Capricorn – Garnet
Aquarius – Amethyst
Pisces – Aquamarine

These are the major stones for each sun sign. However, there are also other stones for each sun sign. To know about consult an eminent gemologist, who will determine the right stone for you. Apart from the stones, the precious metal on which the stones are set in will also determine your energy levels.

Apart from these birthstones, there are different types of crystals that are used for specific reasons. Each individual has a unique aura and the same crystals work in different ways for different individuals. So it is a good idea to touch the jewelry and feel it in your hand before you purchase it. Sometimes when you hold a particular piece in your hand, you will experience calming vibrations. Then you must go for it.

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Your Past Life – The Key To Your Future

36f60346506ad5c8a0f12d5dc8c1195bHave you ever experienced an intense feeling of déjà vu when you step into a place for the first time? Or have you felt an instant connection with a person you are meeting for the first time in your life? Have you had a resonating wish to learn something new only to find that it is so easy for you that you don’t need training on it? If you answer Yes to any of these questions, it may be because of a past life connection that lies dormant in you.

As a spiritually aware person who does professional readings, I firmly believe in the concept of reincarnation. We enter into this world with skill sets already programmed into us. We also have memories of lessons learned in past lives, which determine how we react in our present lives.

monthly-horoscopes-march-2016We often know people when we meet them for the first time in our life and we have our opinions firmly set about them, even before they begin to interact with us. This is because we have met them in one of our previous lives and have made an inter-birth appointment to meet them here in our present life. Indulging in past life meditation is a great way to know about the journey of our soul through its past lives and will help us to gain a clear idea of where we are headed.

So always remember that this life is a way to enrich our experiences of the past and to help us be freed from the cycle of life.