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Crossing To The Other Side Every Night Through Our Dreams

Little Girl Flying at Twilight

Every night as we go to sleep we actually reach a meditative state unconsciously and we are transported to the other side. Our mind is a veritable device and its power transcends our plane of existence on this earth. We actually exist in a multi-dimensional reality and once we understand its workings, it can be really exciting to explore its potentials. We can use this understanding to help us understand the purpose of our life and help to steer it in the right direction.

When we sleep we are actually transported to the other plane subconsciously. Your dreams are the pathways or doors that take you a step closer to your goal. There are several areas or zones in our dream complex and each zone deals with one particular aspect of what we are facing.

Some dreams help us to find solutions to a particular problem we are facing. This is the most common type of dream. When we dream our sub-conscious mind helps us to look at the situation we are currently in without any pretense of truth and lies. We look at the problem with the bare facts stripped of any feelings or emotions that cloud our judgment. This helps us to arrive at the solution easily which we may not have been able to do when we are awake.

The next type of dream is the one that helps us to analyze our emotions and feelings. This is the one we interpret our dreams based on symbols. However, you must be aware that a particular symbol can be interpreted in different ways for different people. So the basic idea here is not to associate the symbol with a particular object, but to analyze your feelings after you wake up from the dream.

bigstock_dreams_618754-300x200Now we come to the dream that helps us to get a peek into the other side. This is something that most of us do often, but it is just that we are not aware of doing it. So if you wish to travel to the other side with a particular purpose, then you must decide on what you want to achieve or who you want to meet out there. Once you have decided on this, it is easy to remember your travels to the other side. Your dreams to the other side are a great way to get spiritual guidance and to dissect different aspects of your life. Practice this technique till you perfect it.

Art Of Reading Your Tea Cup

tasseography_1Tassology is the art of reading your future from your tea cup or coffee cup. It is derived from the Arabic word, “tasse” which refers to a goblet or a cup. This is an ancient art of divination that has been in practice for several centuries. It is done by reading the remains of your tea leaves or coffee grounds or even sometimes from the wine sediments at the bottom of your cup. History tells us that this ancient art dates back to ancient Greece civilizations.

leaves-with-tea-300x200Cup reading was actually started as a form of entertainment to provide some humor at the end of a great party or meal. During the Victorian era, it was a popular game in the tea parlors. When a person has finished drinking his tea, the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup form a particular pattern or shape. These patterns let us know about what’s happening in our lives. They give us a sneak peak into what the future holds for us.

The first step to learning this ancient art is to make yourself thorough of the symbols and patterns and their meanings. Also just like any other skill, your reading gets better with practice. So, keep on practicing till you become a pro.