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Guide To Do A Basic Tarot Reading By Yourself

tarot-reading-with-candleMost of you would have come across a mystery card reader in a small tent at your local fair. There would have been plenty of times when you would have stood at the threshold of the tent, wondering if to go in for a card reading or not. So here we help you look at this ancient card that has been here since 1600 A.D. With this simple reading, you could do a quick reading for yourself or friends. However, do not forget that it is practice, that makes you a master.

Picking A Deck
Your local bookstore or a shop that deals with occult goods would have plenty of decks. From vampire cards to animal guides the choices are plenty. However, do not get a pack just because the shop assistant asks you to pick it. You should choose a pack that feels right. Go with your intuition. However, you must remember that you cannot do a reading with a deck of cards that are referred to as the “Oracle”. This deck is meant for guiding you on your reading.

Preparing Your Cards in the Right Way
The first step is to remove any blank cards or instruction cards from your deck. Then prepare a special place for your reading. This is your altar or sacred place. The altar can be anywhere and it is highly effective if your altar falls under direct moonlight or sunlight. Some card readers place a crystal light near the altar to balance the vibration and energy near it.

Then prepare two decks by placing the major and minor Arcana in separate decks. Then shuffle the two decks exactly for eight times. Eight is considered as a sacred number.

tarot-deck-smallHow to do a Basic Spread
Then pick one card from the major deck. This denotes the person for whom you are doing the reading. If you are doing the reading for yourself, it denotes you. This card is called as the “Archetypal” card and it determines all the other cards that follow. Until you learn the meaning of all the cards, you can look them up online at various sites like

Now, Doing Your Reading
Once you pick the archetypal card, you must shuffle the minor pile eight times and divide it into three piles facing down. Now turn the top card on each pile. The first card denotes what’s happening on earth for you. The second denotes what’s on your mind. The third denotes the message from the spiritual world for you.

This simple reading is often accurate and is a great way to get started.

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