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Pendulums – Their Role In Psychic Readings

shutterstock_352839965Pendulums are great tools to help you connect with your spirit guides. They are used by psychics as a part of their readings.

What is it Exactly?
It is an ancient device that has been in existence for several centuries. It is made by connecting a stone or any other object to a simple string. This is a great tool that is very helpful for both newbies who are just starting out and pros.

How to Use it?
You must hold the free end of the pendulum in your hand while the end with the stone hangs freely. When you ask the pendulum questions for which you are seeking answers, it will reply with, “yes, no or maybe”.

First, you have to identify the motions of “yes” and “no” on your pendulum. For this, you have to ask it to show you “yes”. For this, the pendulum might swing from one side to the other. For “no”, it might swing in the form of a circle or it can move front to back.

Pendulums are a great way to find answers to “Yes” or “No” questions. It is believed that spirits guide the pendulums in giving the answers.

24742909How To Get One?
You can easily get a pendulum at any store that sells occult goods. You can also make a pendulum on your own. There are several tutorials online, which provide you with step-by-step instruction to help you make your own pendulum.

What else does it do?
Apart from answering basic yes, no questions a pendulum can also be used in conjunction with a pendulum chart. This helps you to gain more information from the pendulum which can help you make the right decisions.

So make use of this ancient tool to help you get started on your journey into the world of psychic readings.

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